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BioShock Infinite HeroClix!

Explore Columbia and enjoy grand adventures with Booker DeWitt & Elizabeth!

BioShock: Infinite comes alive on your tabletop with this all-new HeroClix offering based on the blockbuster game!


  • Two collections: 6-figure Starter Pack and 24-figure Gravity Feed
  • 20 different sculpts
  • Special Combat Dials
  • Two custom Maps
  • Object and Terrain Tokens
  • Dice and HeroClix Core Rulebook
  • Compatible with other HeroClix sets


Booker DeWitt, the Boys of Silence, and more characters from the BioShock: Infinite universe are available to enhance your existing HeroClix experience, or relive the excitement of the BioShock: Infinite video game and play with these figures in a standalone HeroClix match!

Available Summer 2013

Add BioShock Infinite To Your HeroClix Collection Today!

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Product Info

BioShock: Infinite HeroClix 24 Ct. Gravity Feed Display

Featuring 14 different figures to add to your HeroClix collection, this HeroClix display offers a sneak-peek into the majesty and mystery of Columbia as seen in the latest BioShock offering, Bioshock Infinite.

Unique content! The BioShock Infinite figures found in this display possess unique dial designs and gameplay value and are not available anywhere else!

BioShock: Infinite HeroClix 6-Figure Starter Set

6 figure starter set includes:

  • 6 collectible miniature game pieces
  • 6 character cards
  • 6 object tokens
  • 1 powers & abilities card
  • 1 rulebook
  • 2 full-color maps
  • 2 dice


How To Play

HeroClix Downloads and Rule Book

To download the Rule Book and many other assets, visit the HeroClix Downloads page



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