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Paging Dr. Crane. Paging Dr. Crane. Please report to the DC HeroClix Blackest Night Starter Game.


Though his fear toxins gave him the ability to instill fear in nearly everyone, long exposure to the chemicals made the Scarecrow himself unable to feel terror–except when he was pursued by Batman. In the wake of the Dark Knight’s death, the Scarecrow was on the brink of despair–until in the Blackest Night the Scarecrow found a new purpose when he was given a yellow power ring and a place in the Sinestro Corps!

The DC HeroClix Blackest Night Starter Game will be in comic and hobby stores on May 12, 2010. The Starter Game includes everything you need to play HeroClix: seven HeroClix figures, the 2010 HeroClix Rulebook, a map (The Oan Sciencells) and more – reserve your copy at your local retailer!

Check back all this week on for more Blackest Night Starter Game previews!

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