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Normal Distribution – Document Updates

Every day GenCon gets a little closer. I get a little more excited and, at the same time, as I see deadlines approaching, I worry as to whether or not I’ll get certain things done as early as I want. There are a number of documents that I wanted finalized at least 2 weeks before GenCon, to make sure that the information had time to get out into the public and settle before the big events.

First on that list, is the Player’s Guide. This edition does not have very many drastic changes in it. Powers on the PAC that could have used the “locking” mechanic but didn’t are now rephrased slightly to use locking. Power Barrage got clarified to be explicit what powers it allowed you to use to attack with in order to get the bonus. The Debris battlefield condition got reworded a bit given the new rules for objects.

Falling into the category of “most asked for” are the Marvel ATAs. Last month’s Player’s Guide included updates to all of the ATAs and we made the DC cards available. This month, as you can see, we have the art from the Marvel ATAs. Remember that all of these black-bordered cards override any orange-bordered feat cards that had ATAs on them.

Finally, we have some documents related to running a tournament. There is a new Comprehensive Tournament Rules which give players a picture of how WizKids prefers events to be run. In addition, we’ve created 2 new Army Sheets. If you are going to be GenCon, you can use these sheets to prepare for your constructed events.

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