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News from the Alliance Games Open House

Wow!  What a trip!

I’ve been on the road for about a week visiting a development partner in North Carolina and then I jumped on a quick flight to O’Hare to meet Lax and Drew for out drive to Ft. Wayne, IN for the Alliance Games Open House.  Besides the 5 hour delay in Philly as we watched paint dry on the tarmac (true story), it was a great trip.

So there is a lot of news to catch up on.

First, I’ll jump into some old business – Replacement figures.  The replacement figures are on the boat headed to the US warehouse.  There are still a lot of variables related to the timeliness of the shipment across the water.  As soon as I have definitive dates – I will give you a heads up on how to go about requesting a replacement figure.  I’d expect to hear something in December, possibly a little earlier.

The Alliance Open House – Where do I start?

We gave a small presentation about the our releases for 2011 and then had a little show and tell at the booth.

Brightest Day – We had the entire product on display.  The figures looked good and so does the package.  We’ll start previews shortly.

DC 75th – News was mainly focused on a a few extra figures we had on display.  We’ll ramp up previews over the coming month.  The set will feature 10 White Lantern Figures with 1 inserted in each brick.

Giant Sized X-Men – We announced the first Marvel set of 2011, Giant Sized X-Men (GSX).  I must say, it was pretty exciting.

Here are some Highlights

GSX will have a new Brick Configuration – I call it the 8+1 brick – 8 regular boosters and 1 super booster.  There are 8 different Super Boosters (all of which are blind and have unique content).  We moved to a new configuration b/c we wanted a way to deliver “extreme” content without the “extreme” price increase.  We think we struck the right balance.

Stores that pre-order GSX will be eligible to purchase additional supper boosters equal to the number of bricks they pre-order.  Super boosters will have an SRP of $23.98 (they replace 2 regular boosters in the brick)

The in store brick program will return with GSX.  You’ll be getting Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) when you purchase your brick at your local retailer.

I’ve included some images that we shared in the presentation.  Enjoy!

Street Fighter – We’re adding the Street Fighter property to the HeroClix product line.  The game will be fully compatible with HeroClix.  We’re considering new product configurations for the property.  More news on this in the coming months.

Star Trek: Expeditions (Co-Op Game by Reiner Knizia) was being demo’ed in full force at the show.  Expeditions is the mission based game where you (and your friends) assume the role of the ST bridge crew and venture to the planet below to help thwart the Klingon insurgency.  Co-Op games are big and I expect this game will be a solid contender in the field of co-op board games.

Star Trek: Fleet Captains (Starship Combat Game) – We had ~20 of the 24 ships on display and they were one of the big hits of the show.  It seemed like we had a non-stop line of fans looking to snap photos of the ships.  Can’t wait for this one!

Battle of the Bands Clix: We got Iron Maiden how about –  Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison, Guns n’ Roses, Skid Row, Great White, KISS, Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, Telsa, Van Halen, Dokken, Scorpions, Ratt, Warrant, W.A.S.P.  If you are still reading my wall of text, you’ll know this is a joke!

We’ll be releasing official announcements on each of the products I mentioned above in the coming weeks/months.  Stay tuned for more info.

The figure is about 6.5" tall "tip to toe"

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