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What better preview could we offer today? We are very pleased to present-

“Who are you talking to? I want that computer!  Gimme that chair! Ooh, and the desk too! I want that!

This is my office! MINE!

*shoves Jerome out the door*

Oooh! What’s this? It looks just like ME!

“I’m so small…why am I so small? How did I get so small? Tell me! I want to know!

How can he have an Orange Lantern too? It’s MINE!

Is that Glomulus? He belongs to me! How can he be there too?

Maybe the Santa Claus can tell me.  And he can make me Queen too! I want to be Queen.

I’m hungry.  Is there turkey left? I want turkey.  And stuffing! And cranberries! And potato mash!



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