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Let THIS Be Our Battleground!

Hello there HeroClix fans!

Today’s previews (that’s right, plural!) are straight out of the DC 75th Anniversary OP Kit.  Let’s begin with the Airport Terminal!

At first glance, this seems to be a pretty normal HeroClix map; we’ve got some Hindering Terrain, some Blocking Terrain, and some Outdoor/Indoor areas as well.  But what’s this? “Moving walkway” terrain?

Let’s take a closer look at the text here:

Special Rules:

Orange squares are moving walkways.  At the beginning of each turn, each character completely occupying a moving walkway square that cannot use the Flight ability must move as if they had a Speed value of 1 and automatically breaks away.  This move starts with the character closest to the thick orange line and must be in the direction of that thick orange line. 

Okay, so figures completely occupying the moving walkway squares in column B would move towards the 24th Row, and figures occupying the moving walkway squares in column B would move towards the 1st Row (or, in other words, in the direction the arrows are pointing in ;)). 

Next up, we journey to the distant home planet of Hawkworld!  

With so many maps based on Earth, it’s really cool to see another planet represented in HeroClix!  And let’s take a closer look at the Hawkworld map text:

Special Rules:

Orange squares are Open Air (Low Gravity).  After actions resolve, if a character who can’t use the Flight ability occupies an Open Air square, deal them 1 unavoidable damage, then that character’s owner may place them in their starting area.  Non-carried objects in Open Air squares are removed from the map.  Open Air squares are otherwise treated as clear terrain. 

Wow! We’d better watch that first step! Seriously though, with very little Blocking and Hindering terrain, mobility will be key.  Manuever your forces into position to best take advantage of Hawkworld’s terrain, and victory will be your’s!

Only one week to go, but there are still a few more previews to come! Join us on Friday as we continue with our OP Kit previews and check in with some guys who don’t monkey around!

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