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HeroClix News Jan 29th 2011

So much news and so little time to spread the word.  Here are some highlights from the last month.

Giant Sized X-Men – All I can say is WOW.  Pre-sales for the GSX set are trending really high and it is moving quickly (on our side).  Make sure your retailers are in contact with their distributors and ordering appropriately.  I expect to make an announcement shortly.

New Clix Base – I’ve taken the NEW prototype base with me on the road and i am happy to say it has received great reviews.  We’re in the process of seeing how we can incorporate the new base into the product line.  The base cost a bit more than the “H” base or “Cup” base so I can say with certainty that the Oreo base won’t make it into GSX.  Best guess is that it will hit the HeroClix minis line at the end of 2011 (no promises on this one).  For those of you that have the sample base, feel free to share pictures, thoughts and reviews.

Product Replacement – The last of the replacement figures are landing in the warehouse.  I will be posting the replacement policy in the coming weeks.

New Games/Releases – We’ve announce a bunch of new stuff and there is still a few more to go.  In the coming weeks we’ll talk about our summer Marvel and DC sets, reveal more info on our new games and provide some more  detail on a couple in store programs I touched upon in my ICV2 interview.

Green Lantern Movie Figures – Green Lantern figs are on their way and will be distributed in a couple of flavors.  The hobby will get a GL movie 6 pack with maps, dice, and figures (think Fast Forces).  We’re also putting out a gravity feed unit with 24 single figure boosters in broader markets.   We’ll add these to the preview schedule once GSX has released.  This is a micro set in that there are <15 figures in the set.   BTW – All new sculpts on these guys!

That’s it for now.


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