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WizKids Annnounces Three New Exclusive Cards For Quarriors!


Greetings Quarriors!

The August release of Quarriors, WizKids/NECA’s exciting new game featuring a revolutionary dice building mechanic, is right around the corner and to celebrate we’re offering 3 exclusive promotional cards that will only be available for a limited time!

(click on image to enlarge)


An envelope containing one copy each of Quaxo’s Quake Dragon, Quaxo’s Scavenging Goblin, and Quaxo’s Warrior of the Quay will be made available.  There is a limit of one promo pack per Quarriors game preordered by July 31 (while supplies last) so get those preorders into your local retailer as soon as possible!

While you’re there, ask your local retailer for a demo of this incredibly unique and entertaining dice-building game and begin your quest for epic glory today!  Be the first to celebrate the power of the Quiddity and lead your Quarriors to victory!


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