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Quarriors! And Star Trek Fleet Captains on Dice Tower Top 100 Board Games—2011 Edition





We are proud to announce that Dice Tower has selected two of our board game titles as part of their Top 100 games of 2011— Quarriors and Star Trek Fleet Captains.

Dice Tower Top 100 Board Games—2011 Edition 

Here at WizKids Games we view board games as a labor of love— we strive to offer games that are enjoyable, challenging while also remaining true to the feel and flavor of the game license.  With this in mind, we are especially proud that Star Trek Fleet Captains appears in Dice Tower reviewer Tom Vasel’s Top 10!  We feel strongly that this title is a great example of our core values in our game offerings.

A big thank you Tom Vasel, the team and all of our fans that have brought our games to their game tables.  We are pleased that our games have been a source of enjoyment for the gaming community and we look forward to bringing you more fun and exciting games in the future– adding new board game titles and building on the success of our current titles is a large part of our vision for the coming years at WizKids Games.  Thank you!

As a present to all of our fans, we offer these Print and Play cards to add some of the holiday “spirit” to your Quarriors! Games….enjoy! (click on images below to enlarge; link to printable versions is below:)

Printable versions here: XMAS_Promo_Cards


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