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WizKids Games Announces The Search For The Next Great Game Designer/Developer.


Thank you for your inquiries, notes and support!

January 19, 2012 (Hillside, NJ) – Looking to ramp up their board game offerings after their recent hits: QuarriorsMage Knight and Star Trek titles, WizKids Games announced today that they are looking for up and coming freelance board game designers and developers to work on some of the most exciting games in the industry.   Do you (or a team) have at least one (1) game publicly available for review?  Please send us links to games you’ve been a part of (do not send us any unreleased games you deem proprietary) and a little bit about yourself to XXXXXX@XXX.XXX

If selected to participate as a designer you will be given a licensed property to write a concept game pitch. If successful you will be asked to provide playable prototypes. If you’re a selected developer you’ll work with us to ensure the game is polished, balanced and ready for market.  If you’re selected for both, even better!

If successful – you will work on some of the most exciting licenses in the industry, you’ll gain valuable real world experience/feedback, the satisfaction of your work being published and a little money in your pocket.

[EDIT – 26 Jan 2012] 

Thank you everyone, for reaching out to us – however we are pleased to say that we have fulfilled the number of applicants we were looking for.   Thank you again for your continued interest and keep up the great works!  

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