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In-store Quarriors Casual Play & Quorlds Qualifier

  • Scheduling your Quarriors events:
    • Schedule casual play events any days that work with your schedule— a great way to get players into your store!
    • In-store Quorlds Qualifier Events can be scheduled from June 6 (release day of Quarmageddon expansion set) through July 15. Each store may schedule one Quorlds Qualifier event.
      • Winners of in-store Quorlds Qualifier events are eligible for a seat in the Quorld Championship Event semi-finals on Saturday August 18 (Finals to be held on Sunday, August 19) if all criteria listed below are met:
        • The host stores must schedule their in-store Quorlds Qualifier event in the WizKids Event System
        • The host stores must schedule the event selecting the Quarriors format and the Quorlds Qualifier template  in the corresponding drop down lists.
        • The winning player must be registered in the WizKids Event System (registration can be completed on day of event if the host store has internet access)
        • The winning player must be signed-up as a player in the in-store Quorlds Qualifier event
        • The host store must report the results of their Quorlds Qualifier event in the WizKids Event System indicating the player as the winner of the event
        • NOTE: Qualifying players are responsible for providing their own transportation, accommodations and registration to Gen Con.


  • Event considerations:
    • Do you have enough copies of Quarriors games to support all your players? Consider listing information in the “House Rules” section to indicate if your store will be providing Quarriors games to play or if you wish to request that players bring copies of the game with them to play.
    • What format will you be using to run the tournament?
      • Base Game rules only?
      • Will you be using any of the Optional rules from the Quarmageddon Rulebook? NOTE: For in-store Quorlds Qualifying events, we suggest following the same format as the Quorld Championship Event which will be run with the Advanced Capture and Expert Culling rules. See the Quarriors Tournament page for more information and a link to the Quarmageddon rulebook.


  • Quarmageddon Promo Cards:
    • Eligibility & Availability
      • WizKids Games has made available a promotional card for retailers who pre-order the Quarriors! Quarmageddon expansion set.
      • 1 Promo card is offered with each pre-ordered copy of Quarmageddon.
      • A bonus 4 Promo cards are offered with each pre-ordered case of Quarmegeddon (6 copies per case—the Bonus 4 Promo cards will be in addition to the 1 Promo card received per copy for a total of 10 cards)
      • Please speak with your distributor sales representative for availability.
      • Offer available while supplies last.
  • Distribution of Promo Cards by Retailers
    • WizKids Games is making these Promo Cards available to help retailers promote in-store Quarriors casual/tournament play and/or purchase of Quarriors/WizKids Games products.
      • WizKids Games recommends that retailers use the Promo Cards as prize support for casual play tournaments or for their in-store Quorlds Qualifier event.
      • The bonus 4 Promo cards with case purchase is intended to provide additional Promo cards for stores who have customers with a strong interest in Quarriors so that they may have additional Promo cards to use in an in-store Quorlds Qualifier event.

Not a retailer? See how players can participate in the Quorlds Championship.

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