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Anxious For The Hunger Games DVD? These 2 Board Games Challenge Your Mind And Keep You In the Hunger Games Mood!

One of the highest-grossing films of all time, The Hunger Games makes its DVD/Blu-ray debut this weekend, and we know how hard it is to wait; it feels like time just wont pass!

Worry not, Tributes! We have 2 board games readily available at major US retailers, and as quickly as you can gather family or friends, one of these games (or both) will satisfy your Hunger Games thirst!

The Hunger Games District 12 – A Strategy Game

From The Hunger Games movie comes the District 12 board game! As a resident of District 12 can you avoid The Reaping by using your wits to acquire food, clothing, medicine, and fuel or are you the one to be chosen? Outplay your opponents to avoid The Reaping!

Contents include:

  • Game board
  • 55 resource cards
  • 9 special deck cards
  • 44 reaping cards
  • 4 player tokens, 1 round token, 1 first action token and 6 cover tokens
  • This board game accommodates 2-4 players. And is currently available at nationwide retailers such as Target, Toys ‘R Us, and Walmart. Look for The District 12 Strategy Game in the board games isle!

    The Hunger Games: Training Days Strategy Game

    From the best selling book comes the Hunger Games Training Days, A Game of Strategy. Here are the components:

    • 18 Tribute cards representing the boy and girl Tributes from 9 Districts (1-4,7,8,10-12)
    • 3 Effort tokens for each District (1,3,6)
    • Deck of 45 Challenge cards:
      • 3 End of Day cards
      • 24 Event cards
      • 8 Special Event cards
      • 10 Alliance cards
    • 9 District markers
    • Approval Rating score board
    • 3 dice

    This game is currently only available at Walmart stores. And if you’re going to stop by an Walmart near you, check out the new Hunger Games exclusive line they’re carrying.

    May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

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