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WizKids Games to host mini-tournaments of their new Star Trek: Attack Wing Miniatures Game at GenCon


As part of the release of our new Star Trek: Attack Wing miniatures game at GenCon in Indianapolis, IN August 15—18, we will host sealed/constructed format mini-tournaments in the tournament hall.

In these sealed/constructed battles, players will be grouped into pods of 4 players.  Each player will receive one of the initial 8 expansion packs by random draw.  Players must use the expansion ship they receive to fill out a 100 point build (players will need to bring their own collection of ships from the Starter Set and/or expansion sets which will be available for purchase at the WizKids Games booth).  Players in the group will be paired up randomly for the first round of head-to-head play.  The winners from the first round will play against each other in a second round to determine a final winner of the mini-tournament.  The mini-tournament winner will receive an additional expansion pack (by random draw) and a special Promo Card.

Initial Release – August 2013

The Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set and the initial 8 Expansion Packs will be available for purchase at the WizKids Games booth (while supplies last).  As product availability is limited, WizKids Games will allow groups to play mini-tournaments at 30 or 60 point builds using expansion packs from their mini-tournament entry/entries (Note: this will only be allowed if all players in the group agree).


The entry fee for the mini-tournaments is $18 per person (entry fee includes the random expansion pack).  The Star Trek: Attack Wing Mini-Tournaments will run on Thursday from 1:00pm to 9:00pm; Friday & Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm; Sunday from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  The 4-player mini-tournaments will start once a group has four players.

Come join us at GenCon to be one of the first people to play Star Trek: Attack Wing!

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