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Pacific Rim Heroclix Game Figures Unveiled!


Guillermo del Toro’s sci-fi movie Pacific Rim is coming soon, and we’re all pretty excited. As in really, really, excited. Not just for the sure-to-be-epic mech versus monster action, but for the newest addition to our Pacific Rim line!

We recently revealed Knifehead, the third figure in Series 1 of our Pacific Rim 7″ scale action figures. Today Legendary Pictures and NECA unveiled more awesomeness in the form of new Pacific Rim HeroClix figures!

Pacific Rim HeroClix JaegersPacific Rim HeroClix Kaiju

The full line of figures brings the epic battle for humanity to NECA/WizKids’ best-selling HeroClix tabletop game and will be available on July 10.

The original exclusive announcements include images and 360-degree video, so head over to NECAOnline to check out the heroic Jaegers, and visit Legendary Pictures to see the debut of the menacing Kaiju.

There’s more news to come — stay in the know by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

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