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WizKids Games at Essen Spiel 2013

WizKids Games at

Essen Spiel 2013


For all of you who will be visiting Essen, Germany for the Spiel 2013 show, please visit us in Hall 1 Booth F117 to demo our new games listed below:

Trains & Stations (Designer: Eric M. Lang)

The Hobbit: Journey to the Lonely Mountain Strategy Game (Designer: Eric M. Lang)

Star Trek: Attack Wing (Designers: Andrew Parks & Christopher Guild)

We are also very excited to premiere the new character expansion for The Mage Knight Board Game– the Mage Knight Krang Character expansion pack— continuing the acclaimed Mage Knight saga by Vlaada Chvátil by adding a new playable character for you to use in your conquest!


Games available for sale at the booth and pricing shown below (Please note: all transactions will be cash only):

Trains and Stations – €32 (Essen release!)

The Hobbit: Journey to the Lonely Mountain Strategy Game– €40 (Essen release!)

Mage Knight Krang Character expansion– €20 (Essen release!)

Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set – €30 (Khan Promo Card available with purchase- as supplies last)

Star Trek: Attack Wing Expansion Pack – €10 each

Mage Knight Board Game – €55

Mage Knight Lost Legion Expansion– €30

Batman Gotham City Strategy Game – €40

Quarriors! Base set – €40

Quarriors! Quarmageddon expansion set – €25

Quarriors! Quest of the Qladiator expansion set– €25

Quarriors! Quartifacts expansion set– €25

Marvel Heroclix: Shuma Gorath – €40

DC HeroClix: Trinity of Sin – €20


Trains and Stations will also be available for sale at the Asmodee booths (Hall 3 Booths B-108 & K-106).


See you in Essen!


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