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Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play– Admiral’s Orders

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The Admiral’s Orders program begins in January 2014 and will be updated each month on the WizKids OP Tournament page.

Each month, there will be a selection of Admiral’s Orders cards for players to download, print, and play in both tournament and casual environments. The use of Admiral’s Orders at organized play events is at the sole discretion of the participating OP venue. It is not the goal of this program for a few players who are aware of this program to use them against players who had no idea and could not prepare a force that could use them.  All Admiral’s Orders will be tournament legal during the months printed on their cards at stores that authorize their use.

The purpose of the Admiral’s Orders is to keep the OP environment fresh and exciting as each month goes by. The plan is that the cards will change from month to month. New cards will be added, and old cards will be updated or removed altogether.  As new Orders are released, there may be issues with allowing previous months so please pay attention to the months on the cards.  We of course reserve the right to cancel this program at any time for any reason.

We will pay close attention to tournament reports and player feedback throughout the process. We hope you enjoy these cards and that they help you and your friends discover new frontiers!

Below are The Admiral’s Orders Reference card and the first two Admiral’s Orders that will be available for use in January– Strike Force and United Force. (click on images to enlarge).

Stores/Event organizers are encouraged to the use the WizKids Event System ( and indicate in the Event Description if they are allowing use of the Admiral’s Orders in their STAW The Dominion War Month 4 events.



NOTE: Updated on 11/18/13

Admirals Orders Reference Card_Revised

STRIKE FORCE Admiral’s Orders Card

Strike Force copy

UNITED FORCE Admiral’s Orders Card

NOTE: Updated on 11/18/13

United Force_Revised

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