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Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 3 Preview: 4th Division Battleship

Star Trek: Attack Wing

4th Division Battleship/Jem’Hadar Battleship

1 of 4 Wave 3 Star Trek: Attack Wing Expansion Packs

Releases: February 2013


A new year is upon us so it only seems appropriate that we begin looking into the Wave 3 expansion offerings for Star Trek Attack Wing.  We may as well start things off BIG and take a look at the 4th Division Battleship expansion pack that will have Dominion players shouting for joy.  At 36 points, the  4th Division Battleship pushes ships stats to a whole new level with a primary weapons value of 6 and an astounding 7 hull points.  Using it as the focal point for your fleet is a great idea, especially considering its ability to grant one free action to a friendly Jem’Hadar ship within range 1 or 2.  Gelnon makes his first appearance as a Captain for this expansion with an interesting ability that allows a player the opportunity to cause damage to an opponent’s ship during the Activation phase and also the possibility to secure a Battle Station token for his ship.  Weyoun returns as a Captain with an upgrade in captain skill as well as a new Elite Talent slot.  For those that really love tricking out their fleet, Weyoun can help do that in spades as he adds two Crew slots to a ship’s upgrade bar and gives a 1 SP discount to crew filling those slots if they are of the Dominion faction.

Starship 4th Division Battleship Dominion Captain Gelnon Dominion Captain Weyoun

Speaking of Crew Upgrades, we see three new Jem’Hadar crew enter the game with the release of the 4th Division Battleship expansion pack.  Kudak’etan will be invaluable when facing an opposing ship with numerous crew upgrades as by discarding him and disabling another crew member, a player will be able to disable all Crew Upgrades on the opposing ship.  At 2 points (and no additional SP penalty like the other Jem’Hadar crew), Ixana’rax allows a player to flip over all Critical Damage cards assigned to his ship.  Finally, we see the “defensive target lock” ability on Ikat’ika, who can be discarded to force one ship to reroll any number of their attack dice while his ship is defending an attack.

Dominion Upgrade Crew KUDAK'ETAN Dominion Upgrade Crew IXTANA'RAX Dominion Upgrade Crew IKAT'IKA

A Battleship would not be complete without a few secondary weapon additions.  We see the return of the Phased Polaron Beam which causes the attack to ignore the opposing ships’ Shields.  The 4th Division Battleship expansion pack also includes a base attack 5 Photon Torpedoes upgrade which adds +2 attack dice when fired from a Jem’Hadar Battle ship.

The final two upgrades in the 4th Division Battleship expansion pack are keyed to getting the most use out of your Dominion Crew Upgrades.  The Elite Talent, Ketracel-White, can be discarded as an action and then the player is allowed to remove all of the Disabled Upgrade Tokens from their Dominion Crew Upgrades.  The sole Tech Upgrade will benefit Dominion players greatly.  Shroud can be discarded in the place of your Dominion Crew Upgrades.  Let me repeat that: when one of your Dominion Crew Upgrades is supposed to be discarded, this 1 SP Tech Upgrade can be discarded instead.  Suddenly Ikat’ika and Toman’torax (from the 5th Wing Patrol Ship Expansion) are looking like extremely welcome Crew Upgrades to report to the 4th Division Battleship.

Dominion Upgrade Elite Talent KETRACEL-WHITE Dominion Upgrade Tech SHROUD

With so many great upgrades, it will be a sad day for the Federation when they try to complete the included Collect Technical Data mission when facing off against a fully loaded Jem’Hadar Battleship.  With all of the tokens needed to play the ship right out of the package, the 4th Division Battleship expansion pack for Star Trek Attack Wing will give the push the Dominion need to finish out the Dominion War and achieve the victory they so desperately seek.  Stick with us next week as we get pulled into the Delta Quadrant for our review of the U.S.S. Equinox!

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