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Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play– Admiral’s Orders UPDATE



In November 2013, we announced Admiral’s Orders as an optional addition to the Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play beginning in January 2014.

As this is the first month that Admiral’s Orders are scheduled for available use in tournament play, we are holding off on the creation of new Admiral’s Orders for February until we can assess the impact of Admiral’s Orders on tournament play.  As we take in feedback from stores and event organizers on Admiral’s Orders, we will decide if we are to continue these for March (Dominion War Month 6) and/or for the upcoming The Collective storyline organized play event series scheduled to start in June 2014.

Stores/Event organizers may allow the January Admiral’s Orders for February if they see fit.  Again (as noted in original post), the use of Admiral’s Orders at organized play events is at the sole discretion of the participating OP venue.  Stores/Event organizers are encouraged to the use the WizKids Event System ( and indicate in the Event Description if they are allowing use of the Admiral’s Orders in their STAW The Dominion War Month 5 events.



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