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Resistance Is Futile Month 2 Rules Clarification

Dear Star Trek Attack Wing Stores, TOs and Players,

There has been some confusion regarding the rules for the Resistance Is Futile Month 2 OP event.  Below is a summary and explanation of the rules. Additionally, we also provide a set of simplified alternative rules for the scenario that you may use for the event at your discretion.  PLEASE NOTE: if you wish to use the alternative rules, please be sure to indicate this in your WizKids Events System listing of the event as well as in any other listings you have for the event on your website, social media, etc.

Thank you,
The Wizkids Team

Rules Clarifications

Each player is to bring 2 fleets — one for when playing as the Borg and another for when playing as the Rebel drones.  Players are not restricted to playing Borg faction ships/captains/upgrades in their Borg fleet nor are they restricted to playing non-Borg faction ships/captains/upgrades in their Rebel fleet.  However, there are some modifications to the normal fleet building rules.

For the Borg fleet:

  • All Borg cards (Captains & Upgrades) cost -1 squadron point.
  • Non-Borg faction ships gain the Regeneration Action.
  • Non-Borg faction ships do not pay the faction penalty when assigned Borg faction cards.
  • Non-Borg faction ships may exchange 1 of its upgrade slots for a Borg Upgrade slot.
  • Borg faction ships gain an additional 1 Borg Upgrade slot.

For the Rebel fleet:

  • All non-Borg faction cards (Captains & Upgrades) are -1 squadron point.
  • Borg faction ships
    • Are treated as the Independent faction
    • Lose the Regenerate action
    • Cannot use any action or ability that uses Drone tokens
  • Borg Captains in the Rebel Fleet do not use drone tokens, but instead have a skill number equal to the printed starting number of Drone Tokens.

Pairing Clarifications

The pairings of each round will be based on previous games.

  • The first round will be based on the standings at the end of your Resistance is Futile Month 1 OP event.  Before starting the game each pair of players rolls 5 attack dice each. The player with the most battle stations chooses which fleet they want to play.
  • The second round will be matched using the standings from the first round. Each player will play the opposite team that they played in the first round (i.e. if they played their Borg fleet in Round 1, they will play their Rebel fleet in Round 2 and vice-versa.)
  • The third round will be matched using the rankings in the first two rounds.  In the third round the higher ranked player of each pairing chooses which side they want to play and their opponent must play the opposite (i.e. if the highest ranked player chooses to play their Borg fleet, their opponent must play their Rebel fleet and vice-versa).

The players set up using the standard 2 player rules and adds Mission Tokens to their ship cards as denoted below.

  • The Borg player places 1 Mission Token on each of their ship cards.
  • The Rebel player places 3 Mission Tokens on each of their ship cards.

Players may spend Mission tokens as follows

  • Borg players may spend Mission Tokens instead of Drone Tokens.
  • When a ship in the Rebel Fleet attacks or defends the Rebel Player may remove any number of Mission Tokens from that ship’s card to reroll the same number of attack or defense dice.

Your objective in all games is to destroy your opponent’s ship.

Bonus Points

  • The Borg players receives +8 Fleet points for each unused Mission Token at the end of the game.
  • The Rebel player receives +2 Fleet points for each unused Mission Token at the end of the game.
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