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WizKids Promotional Product Licensing Agreement Amendment: Releasing Select Products for Resale

WizKids Promotional Product Licensing Agreement Amendment:

Releasing Select Products for Resale

Wizkids would like to thank everyone who has participated in a select number of storyline organized play events that have fallen under the WizKids Promotional Product Licensing Agreement (WKPPLA).

We are announcing that the Authorized Uses for a few products covered under the WKPPLA are being amended. The following OP program materials have been released from WKPPLA and are permitted for resale starting November 20, 2014:

  • Marvel HeroClix: Avengers v X-Men (SKU 71068-71071) 4 months (kits)
  • Marvel HeroClix: Infinity Gauntlet (SKU 70322, 70323, 70324, 70325, 70326, 70327, 70328, 70329) 8 months (kits)
  • DC Comics HeroClix: No Man’s Land (SKUs 70713, 70716, 70719, 70722, 70725, 70728) 6 months (kits)
  • Previously released: Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself (SKUs 70858, 70861, 70864, 70867, 70870, 70873) 6 months (kits + boosters)

In keeping with the spirit of the OP program, stores are encouraged to use the OP kits released from the WKPPLA for in-store promotional purposes (gift with purchase, additional prize support, etc.) and tournament play. We understand this isn’t always feasible and we leave it to the stores to make the decision that is right for their location.

All WizKids Games OP kits/materials for all WizKids Games product lines that have not been authorized for sale are protected under the WKPPLA and may not be sold—their sole authorized use is for promotion/support of in-store organized play.

We’ve had a lot of success driving players to stores to participate in exciting events with incredible prizes. We want to preserve the value of the shared experience the FLGS and FLCS are creating, and again we thank you all for your help in making that happen. We would like to ask for your continued support in this process and if you see stores violating our WKPPLA, feel free to report the issue via the web form at  As always, conduct violation reports will remain confidential and we will conduct a comprehensive investigation on the matter.  Your participation matters and we appreciate the help.

And finally, thank you again for your participation in our OP events and adherence to the WKPPLA. We look forward to your continued support and participation for any and all future OP events!

A copy of the WKPPLA can be found here.

-The WK team

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