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Neverwinter’s Miniature Giant Space Hamster 500 Key Give Away

–Media Alert—



WizKids has something awesome in store for players of the Neverwinter MMORPG!

If you’ve ever wanted your very own “Miniature Giant Space Hamster”, here’s your chance! To help celebrate the recent launch of Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil update, WizKids has teamed up with the fine folks at Perfect World Entertainment to give away 500 keys that unlock Miles, the Miniature Giant Space Hamster within Neverwinter.

How can you get your hands on Miles, the Miniature Giant Space Hamster you ask? Easy! We are throwing a contest to make sure everyone has a fair chance at winning a code for Miles. To enter the contest, fans of WizKids’ tabletop games can simply head over to the WizKids Event System (WES) page and set up an account, you’ll also need to earn at least one achievement in the WES between April 7th and April 21st. WizKids will do the rest, and let you know, via email, if you’ll be spending your adventuring time in the company of a fab furry friend named Miles. Please note that players are not automatically guaranteed a code by entering and winners will be drawn at random from a pool of eligible entries.

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Read complete terms & conditions here.

-The WizKids Team

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