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Hello Star Trek: Attack Wing Players,

Thank you for your continued support of Star Trek: Attack Wing. We want to thank everyone for coming out to the US National Championship, the Canadian National Championship and for all the ongoing in-store tournament support. We also want to offer special congratulations to our new National Champions, Danial Dattola and Pete Smith! We look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces at the World Championship being held June 3rd-7th, 2015 at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

From time to time we make changes to try to make the highest levels of competitive play a vibrant and active experience. Our playtesting over the past year identified a few areas to focus on, and we verified at the National Championships what we believe will be good for the competitive play community.

The following changes should bring more variety of factions and ships types to the current environment.

-Ships with a 360-degree firing arc printed on their Ship Token may only fire their Primary weapon up to Range 2 when firing from that arc, unless granted the ability to fire at Range 3 from a specific upgrade card.

-When performing a Spin Maneuver, the player places the selected template in the ship’s base as if doing a Straight maneuver. After finishing their movement, the player places a [1 Straight] Maneuver Template touching the side of the ship’s base with the front edge of the ship base. Then they rotate the ship 90 degrees (either right or left depending on the selected maneuver) so that the top edge of the [1 Straight] maneuver template is even with the side of the ship’s base.

-Fighter Squadrons are now classified as Squadrons, a new type of unit. They may not have Admirals or Resources deployed to them and may not be affected by any card text that references a ship unless 1.) The ability is triggered by a Squadron upgrade, 2.) it specifies that it targets a Squadron, or 3.) it is triggered as part of an attack targeting the Squadron. Additionally, the upgrades on a Squadron may still be affected as if they were on a normal ship. Each Squadron must be accompanied by one 4+ Hull point ship to be included in a Fleet.

Note: This means cards that specifically target ships will no longer benefit Squadrons (ex. Donatra, whose text specifies “all other friendly ships”). Ships that also specifically require another ship be within range (ex. Prakesh, whose text specifies “if you are in range 1 of a friendly ship”) will not benefit from Squadrons, as they are no longer considered ships.

Additionally, we have made some minor changes to some previous rulings to simplify them.

-When a card states it may be played at any time or does not list when it may be used it may only be used between the phases of each round.

-Attacks with Mines may no longer be modified. Mine attacks are a special type of attack and they may not be modified even when dropped directly on an opponent.

-When a card does not have a defined card value it may not be affected or used with cards that require it to have a SP value.

Finally, we have also revised the FAQ to be more player-friendly and easier to search. You may find it and other information at: Star Trek: Attack Wing FAQ PDF.

We hope these changes continue to help grow the Star Trek: Attack Wing community and allow a wider selection of ships and factions to be played in competitive and non-competitive environments.

Thank you,


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