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New HeroClix Vehicle Rules

Dear HeroClix Players,

With the release of the new vehicles in the Marvel HeroClix: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., there is a change to the vehicle rules.

NEW Vehicle Rules:

new vehicle rules page 1 new vehicle rules page 2

The above new vehicle rules replace the original vehicle rules with the following noted exceptions (we will be updating those vehicle’s/character’s entries in the Errata & Clarifications on the WizKids Rules Forum).


For all vehicles with a Piloted and Autopilot dial, the Autopilot dial is considered to have the following trait:


Pilot abilities:

Pilot abilities on previously released vehicles remain unchanged and are still played as written on their character cards.  However, please note that the Clear the Streets Pilot ability on the GCPD Cruiser (DC Batman V004) will be issued an errata to grant the GCPD Cruiser Improved Movement: Characters when the GCPD Cruiser has a pilot that meets the prerequisite for this Pilot ability.



All previously released vehicles/characters that had the Ram ability or access to the Ram ability via special powers have been issued an errata so that their Ram ability is as follows:

“Give [CHARACTER NAME] a move action to use [Improved Movement: Characters] and move along a direct path.  After actions resolve, make a close combat attack targeting all opposing characters whose squares were moved through.  Each hit character is dealt this chracter’s printed damage value and then deal [CHARACTER NAME] 1 unavoidable damage for each hit character.”


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