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For the first time ever, players will have the ability to get their hands on the newest HeroClix set up to two weeks before official release by participating in events at their Friendly Local Game Store!

The first ever WizKids Pre-Release is almost here! We are excited to announce that leading up to the release of the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set, select stores around the world will be invited to join us in this exclusive HeroClix event. Selected stores will be notified in the upcoming weeks to schedule their events in the WizKids Event System. Each participating store will receive a limited number of DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman Booster Bricks to run Colossal Mayhem Tournaments!

The DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman Pre-Release events offer HeroClix fans a sneak peek at the new set, two weeks prior to the official release. This gives players the opportunity to come out and battle head-to-head with the new figures and possibly walk away with one of the six all-new Colossal figures!

Our goal is to bring more players into your stores and keep them coming back by offering a variety of Organized Play opportunities. The WizKids Event System was a tool created to help players find Friendly Local Game Stores, give stores a way to organize and promote their events, and encourage participation through achievements and rewards.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman Pre-Release!

– The WizKids Team

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