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WizKids Random Rewards Winners


Random Rewards Are Here!

To kick off WizKids Random Rewards, players and stores from around the world were selected to receive surprise packages shipping this week. Thank you to everyone that participated and logged into the WizKids Event System to update their profiles and meet the eligibility requirements. These packages aren’t identical and consist of a variety of products.

We are pleased to announce the WizKids Random Reward winners!


Congratulations to the following players:

  • jcfiala
  • Nelfien
  • joenickles
  • DASchretz
  • guitarguyeleven
  • Lindifer
  • Pyro
  • DuskCloak
  • Bilalm
  • sperry44
  • GotLoveForAll
  • Zunwokong
  • The_Doctor


Congratulations to the following stores:

  • The Gaming Spot- Bakersfield, CA
  • Hero’s Hideout- Yuba City, CA
  • Gameswap- Mason, OH
  • Coliseum of Comics- Fashion Square Mall- Orlando, FL
  • Kirwan’s Game Store- Catskill, NY
  • Rogue Merchant Games- Huntsville, AL
  • Full Spectrun War Games- Alrington, TX
  • Books Comics & Things- Fort Wayne, IN
  • Hobbytown USA- Lincoln, NE
  • The Loft Collectibles, Comics & Games- Cheyenne, WY
  • Carta Magica Montreal- St. Hubert, Montreal, Canada
  • Tienda Random- Concepcion, Chile
  • Metrópolis Center- Madrid, Spain


We hope you enjoy your assortment of WizKids Random Rewards! Thank you for your support of the WizKids Event System. Eligibility criteria will be changing for next quarter so keep a look out for a new announcement!

Don’t Miss Out on FREE Loot!

As a reminder, please make sure your profile details are up-to-date in the WES to ensure that you receive any current and future Random Reward prizing from us! We will not ship out your prizes twice if your mailing address is incorrect. 

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