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Announcing Halo Heroclix

Defend humanity from the theocratic menace of the Covenant and fight for survival against the deadly threat of the Flood! Arm yourselves with the latest USNC weaponry and equipment and slipstream into battle on the galaxy's front lines!

Celebrate HALO's 10th Anniversary with this exciting addition to the HeroClix universe! 45 figures give you all you need to bring the battle to your tabletop as you take on the roles of Master Chief and his Spartans, the Convenant and their Arbiters, and the monsters of the Flood!

HALO HeroClix is 100% compatible with other HeroClix products and features new mechanics like the Grenade special weapon! Bring all of the explosive action to your tabletop with HALO HeroClix!

Be sure to add Halo to your HeroClix collection today!

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Game Info

Halo Heroclix Booster Release

HALO HeroClix is available in standard 5-figure boosters. Play as the Covenant, the Flood, or defend Humahity as Master Chief and the Spartans! This fall, HALO HeroClix will be available everywhere great games are sold!


How To Play

Download the 2011 Heroclix Rulebook by clicking on the link below: (4mb)
2011 HC Rulebook

For more Heroclix resources visit
Heroclix Downloads page


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