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Halo Reach Character Model

Now In Stores! Halo Reach ActionClix!

ActionClix® is a fun, action-packed game where you can play as your favorite characters from the HALO® Univerise. Get started with this new HALO®: REACH ActionClix® Mega Battle Pack! A complete game including everything two players need to play. The battle pack includes:

  • 6 highly detailed 3-D miniatures of the Noble Team Members:
    Carter, Kat, Jorge, Emile, Jun, & Noble Six
  • 6 character cards (1 for each member)
  • 2 playing dice
  • Official Rules sheet
  • Full color playing map

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Character Card - Noble Six

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Character Card - Carter

JPG format (0.3mb)

Character Card - Emile

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Character Card - Jorge

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Character Card - Jun

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Character Card - Kat

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