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Quarriors - Quarmageddon

Qua-Boom! After an epic battle between Quaxos and the Three-Eyed Dragon of the Quarmageddon - the Quarmageddon is released upon us! The second expansion set to the Quarriors™ Dice Building Game™ adds 40 new custom dice powering 6 new Creatures and 2 new Spells for you to bring a serious smack-down to the battlefield of hexahedron monster combat.

Some battle-hardened Creatures come equipped with a new "Immunity" ability so they can laugh off whatever your opponents throw at you! No guts - no Glory!

This expansion set features an updated rulebook and a box that stores the expansion and base set. (See the How To Play tab for more details)

Available June 2012

Click to Participate In Quorlds, The Quarriors World Championship!

An Updated Rulebook for Quarriors!

Please visit the How To Play tab to download the new Rulebook!

Quarmageddon Box Art

Game Info

Quarriors Quarmageddon Sell Sheet

See the sell sheet in higher-resolution - 0.5mb, JPG


How To Play

Quarmageddon Rulebook

Download the rulebook - 5.2mb PDF


Download the Play Mat - 8.2mb PDF

Quarriors Base Set Rulebook

Available at the Quarriors! official page


Box Art

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