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Quarriors! Quest of the Qladiator Expansion!

You have been selected to compete in the Qladitorial Games!

Quadrennially, Empress Quiana calls together the mightiest Quarriors across the land to compete in the great Quolosseum... Will you defeat all other competitors for the greatest Glory?


  • 40 new Custom Dice
  • 26 new cards!
  • 6 new Creatures


The 3rd expansion set to the 2011 hit - Quarriors™ Dice Building Game™. Featuring an all-new "Lock" mechanic allowing some Creatures to have long-lasting game effects!

Available November 2012

SKU - 70833

Add Quest of the Qladiator To Your Quarriors! Collection Today!

How To Play

Quarriors! Quest of the Qladiator Rule Book

Click the image below to download the Qladiator rule book (1MB, PDF)

Quarriors Rulebook

Available at the Quarriors! official page



Quest of the Qladiator Box Art

Quest of the Qladiator Game Components

Quest of the Qladiator Box Art

Quest of the Qladiator Box Art


Quest and Creature Dice

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