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Street Fighter HeroClix

Street Fighter finally steps into the arena of HeroClix with two exciting new products, and WizKids is bringing all of your favorite characters to life in their most recognizable poses!

Thrill to all of the exciting Street Fighter action as you learn how to play with the HeroClix Street Fighter Starter Pack! These 6 sculpts are COMPLETELY REDIALED with ALTERNATE PAINT SCHEMES from the base Street Fighter Set. These 6 sculpts feature the impressive clear effects that make this starter kit a must have for any Street Fighter fan!

That's not all! An impressive array of 27 additional figures featuring extremely popular CLEAR SCULPT EFFECTS, are available in special Counter-top displays. Each Counter-Top display comes with 24 single figure blind boosters, providing a low-cost point of entry for new players and a fast convenient way for current players to supplement their collections.

Street Fighter is completely compatible with all of your other HeroClix figures!

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Street Fighter Starter 6-Pack

The Capcom Street Fighter HeroClix figures are also available in a Starter 6-Pack, which will allow players to conduct their own Heroclix Street Fighter matches right out of the box.

The attractive, transparent Starter 6-Pack includes key Street Fighter characters like Dhalsim, Ken, and Chun Li that are "completely redialed" and feature alternate paint schemes from those used in the base set.

In addition the Starter 6-Pack includes character cards, 4 exclusive maps, 2 custom dice, and a 2011 HeroClix rulebook.

Street Fighter Counter-Top Display

The new HeroClix Street Fighter figures are available in a 24-count Counter-Top display unit, providing a fast and convenient way for current players to supplement their collections.

Each Counter-Top display booster will contain one Street Fighter figure and its Character Card to expand your HeroClix Street Fighter collection with!

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How To Play

Download the 2011 Heroclix Rulebook by clicking on the link below: (4mb)
2011 HC Rulebook


You can also download specific Heroclix rules for One-on-One combat:
HC 1v1 Rules


For more Heroclix resources visit
Heroclix Downloads page




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