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We understand that questions are an important part of improving our products, and we're here to answer. We love our games and we're dedicated to making sure you, the players, love them as much as we do.

General Support

Offer Redemptions

For inquiries on redemption status, please wait at least 3 weeks from your redemption mailing date before inquiring via email.

Listing Corrections

Have you noticed an incorrectly listed store or event in our Locator? Let us know and we'll fix it!

Store Conduct Violations

Please report any street date release violations and blatant mis-use of OP kit materials using the link below:

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Product Review Requests

Looking to review/demo one of our products on your publication? Submit your requests here:

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Product Replacement Requests

We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope to rectify your situation shortly. Please follow the instructions below to route your replacement request.

If you need replacement for:

  • D&D Attack Wing
  • Dice Masters
  • Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game
  • Quarriors! (German & English)
  • Quarriors! English Expansions
  • HeroClix
  • Lord Of The Rings Dice Building Game
  • Mage Knight (and expansions)
  • Pathfinder Battles Heroes & Monsters
  • Star Trek: Attack Wing
  • Star Trek Expeditions
  • Star Trek Fleet Captains
  • Trains and Stations

Please click here

If you need to request a replacement for:

  • Quarriors (All other languages)
  • Smurfs
  • Hunger Games
  • A Christmas Story
  • Spanish Main™ Shuffling the Deck™

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WizKids Rules Support

Looking for answers to all of your HeroClix, Dice Masters, D&D Attack Wing, and Star Trek Attack Wing questions? Look no further.

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